Real Estate Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony

Real Estate Expert Witness Testimony

Consulting Including Litigation Support

Sample Articles


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ar-appjournalThe Appraisal Journal
January 2000

Appraisal Review in a Litigation Support Role
by Jack P. Friedman, MAI, PhD, CPA, ABV, and Nicholas Ordway, PhD, JD



ar-mktvalinvtryJournal of Property Tax Management
Volume 10 Issue 1
Summer 1998

Market Value of Inventory: Different Definitions Equal Different Values
by Jack P. Friedman



ar-strategicissuesJournal of Property Tax Management
Volume 12 Issue 2
Fall 2000

Public Utility Property Ad Valorem Taxation:
Regulatory Formulas Prevail Over Economics
by Jack P. Friedman and Barry A. Diskin



ar-strategicissuespipelinevalJournal of Property Tax Management
Volume 10 Issue 4
Spring 1999

Strategic Issues in Pipeline Valuation
by Jack P. Friedman and Laurence Zielke



ar-defoilcompanyReal Estate Issues
Volume 24, Number Four
Winter 1999

Defending an Oil Company Against Litigation for Environmental Contamination
by Jack P. Friedman, CRE